Advantages of hiring Sky Blue Credit Repair

hiring Sky Blue Credit Repair

One of the best-known companies in the credit repair service industry, Sky Blue Credit has been a professional provider of credit-repair services for more than 2 decades since 1989 and has developed a solid status for offering quality results at a reasonable price. In the time since, they have built quite a reputation as a highly competent, scrupulous, and greatly motivated company. Sky Blue Credit has been accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and holds an A+ rating with them. It provides customized repair services to best challenge negative credit report items. The company offers a range of services, features and customer support options to identify candidates for you to improve your credit score, like closing or opening accounts, reducing balances and other such measures. Aside from credit repair services, representatives of the company also give custom advice on how customers can improve their FICO scores.

What Sky Blue Credit Offers

Features: Upon completing the sign-up process, an e-mail is sent with instructions on ways to get your 3 credit bureau report. On receiving your credit report, this credit repair company conducts a line-by-line review of all credit-report items and then identifies dispute opportunities for you. They also send custom tips on ways you can improve your FICO score if applicable. They will then challenge erroneous credit-report items with the credit bureaus with responses being sent to you as they occur. In case challenges are not favorably settled, Sky Blue Credit automatically sends re-disputes till satisfactory results are achieved.

  • Free consultation
  • Expert credit-report review and credit bureau disputes
  • Custom Tips on FICO Score Improvement

One advantage with Sky Blue Credit is their accelerated dispute process. Whereas most credit repair companies begin with only a few credit-report items, Sky Blue can dispute up to 15 items (5 credit-report items per bureau). That means that if you’ve lots of negative items, you could potentially get most of them dismissed at a quicker rate.

For individuals looking to get “mortgage ready” by eradicating old, inaccurate charge-offs as well as collection accounts, Sky Blue Credit is a very affordable option. Likewise, persons who need to get qualified for car loans or other upcoming credit inquiries can rest assured they’ll have the best outcome conceivable when working with Sky Blue.

According to this Sky Blue Credit Repair review by, this company has only one service plan which means there is one price structure: $59 initial fee to set up your account with $59 every month. This credit repair service also offers a special discounted rate for couples – $99 setup and review / $99 per month.

NOTE: They offer a month to month contract and you can revoke your service at any time with no further obligation and no termination fees or penalties. Since most credit repair services claim that they are able to raise your credit score within 6 months, you won’t be paying that indefinitely. Also, if you aren’t completely satisfied within the first 90-days you have 100% of the money spent on the service refunded.

Is Sky Blue Credit Worth It?

In summary, Sky Blue Credit Repair is definitely a great choice if you are looking for a custom-built process of dispute every month. They are affordable, have years of experience and provide excellent credit repair services, features and exceptional customer support, but lacks live chat and online account management. They are an efficient company to help clean up your credit reports and increase your credit scores and are dependable in the long run but you are limited on your disputes. Sky Blue Credit Repair has a good rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and their pricing is pretty much straightforward and exceptionally commendable. Their unusual hassle-free 90-day refund policy offers an extra level of comfort in you getting started, while their proven track record of removing disputed cases makes Sky Blue one of the top choices in the credit repair industry.